Getting Started with the Knowledge Services

Get started with our Knowledge Services here. Learn about our authentication, environment and response codes. Follow a step by step process in order to learn how to use our services.


The EBSCO Knowledge Services are a suite of integrated solutions available via subscription that are designed to allow libraries and vendor partners to integrate key pieces of the library into existing processes and systems. There are currently four services available with many more services planned for the future.

  • HoldingsIQ allows EBSCO Knowledge Base data, holdings data and Holdings and Link Management (HLM) services to be integrated with other systems. HoldingsIQ can also be used to manage a library’s holdings via FOLIO, and many other open source library systems. If you are a commercial library automation partner, you can use HoldingsIQ to access your customer’s holdings and EBSCO Knowledge Base data.

    By integrating HoldingsIQ, library automation systems partners can build applications that leverage the EBSCO Knowledge Base for vendors, packages, titles and titles contained within packages.

  • ResourceIQ is available for those that have a subscription to HoldingsIQ. ResourceIQ provides the ability to manage platform contacts, license data, administrative access details and include links to external documents. Data added using ResourceIQ can also be assigned to holdings resources managed in HLM or by HoldingsIQ.

    By integrating ResourceIQ into a system, library automation partners can build applications that allow you to capture additional resource details so that library staff can quickly answer questions related to the user of the content and help with configuration and renewal decisions.

  • LinkIQ enables libraries and partners to customize key functions of the EBSCO open Link Resolver to get their patrons easy access to the content the library makes available.

    Using LinkIQ, libraries and partners can take advantage of EBSCO’s extensive centralized Knowledge Base and deep experience in open linking to power external applications.

  • PublicationIQ provides the ability to search for publications designated as a part of a customer's collection. It provides the ability to search publications by the title attributes (title name, subject, isxn or publisher). The response contains information about title and related customer, package and vendor data. PublicationIQ also provides the ability to search packages and title counts for the specified customer.

    Using PublicationIQ, library automation system partners can build their own publication finder implementation.

This guide provides a brief introduction to the core concepts of the EBSCO Knowledge Services. If you have interacted with a RESTful API before, many of the concepts described here will be familiar to you.