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Using Search Types


HoldingsIQ supports seven different search types when using the GET /{custid}/titles endpoint. The GET /{custid}/titles endpoint allows you to search and retrieve a list of titles from EPKB regardless of the package(s) that the titles are a part of. The search types supported by the GET /{custid}/titles endpoint are below:

  • Any
  • Contains
  • Exact Match
  • Begins With
  • Proximity
  • Exact Phrase
  • Advanced

The GET /{custid}/titles endpoint supports the search types using the optional searchtype query parameter. The searchtype parameter is applicable for all of the four search fields. The searchtype parameter can be set to one of the following options: any, contains, exactmatch, beginswith, proximity, exactphrase or advanced. The searchtype parameter defaults to contains if you do not provide it. Please continue reading for more information on each search type.

To Specifiy a Search Type (example):