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Create and Assign Administrative Access Details


The Administrative Access Management Resources consist of five endpoints that allow you to create, retrieve, update and delete administrative access details. Administrative access details are details related to the administration of an online service, such as EBSCOhost. Administrative access details are defined by an administrative access object. An administrative access object is a set of data elements that are described by a JSON schema. The administrative access object details include such things as the publisher's access model phrase, ip addresses registered, a url to the host site, access restriction notes and registration instructions. The Administrative Access Resources allow you to capture administrative access details related to your resources so that library staff can quickly answer questions related to the setup of the various resources, how to access administrative modules, options available and more.

A system entity is an EBSCO-KB or external entity such as a provider, package or package-title. An assignment maps administrative access details to a system entity. The Assignment Management Resources consist of five endpoints that allow you to create, retrieve, delete and update your administrative access object assignments. The process to create an administrative access object and assign it to a system entity consists of the following steps:

  1. Create the Administrative Access Details
  2. Search for the Administrative Access Details (optional)
  3. Update the Administrative Access Details (optional)
  4. Assign the Administrative Access Details

To access the Administrative Access Management Resources and the Assignment Resources, you will need a customer ID and an API key. If you need assistance obtaining you API key, please contact EBSCO customer satisfaction.