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Search for Administrative Access Details

After you have created administrative access details (POST /{custid}/adminaccess), you can search for the administrative access details by the administrative access id. The search will yield the administrative access object that you have requested, the administrative access id, any errors and a success flag.

To Search for Administrative Access Details (example):

Gather the following information for the request:

  • The customer ID and the API Key.
  • The administrative access id for the administrative access details.




200 OK

  "errors": [],
  "adminAccess": {
    "extensionObject": {
      "id": "79257642-5f9b-4316-82bc-778e3bc1e223",
      "customerId": "123355",
      "status": "active",
      "objectType": "admin_access",
      "objectDescription": "Sample Description"
    "dateCreated": "2019-01-17T19:59:32.000Z",
    "dateLastUpdated": "2019-01-17T19:59:32.000Z",
    "accessModel": "Rolling 2 years",
    "accessModelNotes": "Sample Access Model Notes",
    "accessRestrictionNotes": "Sample Access Restriction Notes",
    "remoteAccessAllowed": "No",
    "hostURL": "",
    "hostID": "10160",
    "registrationURL": "",
    "registrationInstructions": "Sample registration instructions.",
    "registrationID": "121234",
    "ipAddressNotes": "Sample IP address notes.",
    "adminAccessInterface": "Sample Name of Interface",
    "adminAccessInterfaceProvider": "Sample interface provider",
    "ipAuthenticationSupported": "Yes",
    "proxyAllowed": "No",
    "usernamePasswordAuthenticationSupported": "Yes",
    "athensAuthenticationSupported": "Yes",
    "shibbolethAuthenticationSupported": "No",
    "customerCanChoosePassword": "Yes",
    "passwordSharingAllowed": "Yes",
    "authenticationNotes": "Sample authentication notes.",
    "ipAddresses": "",
    "registrationStatus": "In Progress",
    "accessConfirmedStatus": "Not Started",
    "dateIPRegistered": "2000-10-10T00:00:00.000Z",
    "otherStatusKeyValue": {
      "status1": "value1",
      "status2": "value2",
      "status3": "value3"
    "otherYesNoKeyValue": {
      "yesNo3": "yesNo3",
      "yesNo2": "yesNo2",
      "yesNo1": "yesNo1"
    "otherStringKeyValue": {
      "string3": "value3",
      "string1": "value1",
      "string2": "value2"
  "successful": true

For more information on the GET search for administrative access details by id resource, please refer to our interactive or service reference documentation.