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Create an External Document Reference Assignment

After you have created your external document reference (POST /{custid}/externaldocument), you can assign your external document reference to a system entity that is either within EBSCO-KB or external to EBSCO-KB. A system entity is an EBSCO-KB entity such as a provider, package or package-title or an external URI. The request will yield an assignment id for the assignment.

To Assign an External Document Reference to a System Entity (example):

Gather the following information for the request:

  • The customer ID and the API Key.
  • The external document ID for the external document reference that you would like to create the assignment for. This will be the object id parameter.
  • The assignment object. The assignment object defines the access, assignment details and the system entity link for the assignment.


Body Request Parameter

  "access": "allow",
  "assignmentContext": "assignmentContext",
  "assignmentType": "sample_assignment_type",
  "extensionObject": {
    "objectDescription": "Sample description",
    "objectType": "external_document"
  "link": {
    "application": {
      "name": "test application",
      "softwareVersion": "version 2.1"
    "description": "test description",
    "url": ""
  "relativeUrl": ""


201 Created

   "assignmentId": "7e4a8f57-0eef-4838-9f04-93e0801b07c3",
   "errors": [],
   "successful": true

Now, the external document reference is assigned to the requested system entity. For more information on the POST assignment resource, please refer to our interactive or service reference documentation.