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Create and Assign an External Document Reference


The External Document Management Resources consist of six endpoints that allow you to create, retrieve, update and delete external document references. An external document reference can be defined as information that refers to a document that has been saved to DropBox, GoogleDrive or another external location and is available via url. An external document reference is defined by an external document object. An external document object is a set of data elements that represent the reference and is described by a JSON schema. The External Document Management Resources allow you to capture external document reference details so that library staff can quickly answer questions related to the external documents.

A system entity is an EBSCO-KB or external entity such as a provider, package or package-title. An assignment maps the external document reference to a system entity. The Assignment Resources consist of five endpoints that allow you to create, retrieve, delete and update your external document reference assignments. The process to create an external document reference and assign it to a system entity consists of the following steps:

  1. Create the External Document Reference
  2. Search for the External Document Reference (optional)
  3. Update the External Document Reference (optional)
  4. Assign the External Document Reference
  5. Retrieve the External Document Reference by URL (optional)

To access the External Document Management Resources and the Assignment Resources, you will need a customer ID and an API key. If you need assistance obtaining you API key, please contact EBSCO customer satisfaction.