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Create a License

The create license endpoint allows you to create a license to capture the license details, terms and conditions.

To Create a License (example):

Gather the following information for the request:

  • The customer ID and the API Key.
  • Define the license details payload. More information on the elements in the license details payload can be found in the LicenseWrapperPayload definition.


Body Request Parameter

  "extensionObject": {
	 "objectDescription": "Sample Description Test",
	 "objectType": "license",
	 "status": "active"
  "license": {
	 "allRightsReserved": "Sample clause",
	 "applicabaleCopyrightLaw": "Sample copyright",
	 "archivingAllowed": "Yes",
	 "archivingFormat": "string",
	 "authorizedUsers": "Sample authorized user statement",
	 "concurrentUsers": "25",
	 "confidentialityofAgreementRequired": "Yes",
	 "confidentialityofUserInformationProtected": "Yes",
	 "copyDigital": "Permitted Explicit",
	 "copyPrint": "Permitted Implied",
	 "coursePackElectronic": "Permitted Implied",
	 "coursePackPrint": "Prohibited Implied",
	 "distanceEducation": "Permitted Explicit",
	 "fairUseClause": "Sample fair use clause.",
	 "governingJurisdiction": "Example venue",
	 "governingLaw": "Sample clause",
	 "illElectronic": "Prohibited Implied",
	 "illPrint": "Permitted Explicit",
	 "illSecureElectronic": "Not Specified in Agreement",
	 "indemnificationbyLicensee": "Sample clause",
	 "indemnificationbyLicensor": "Sample clause",
	 "licenseDuration": "1 year",
	 "licenseEndAdvanceNoticeRequired": 1,
	 "licenseEndDate": "2000-10-10T10:10:10.000Z",
	 "licenseLocation": "",
	 "licenseNotes": "General notes",
	 "licenseStartDate": "2000-10-10T10:10:10.000Z",
	 "licenseStatus": "Current status",
	 "licenseType": "Click-Through License Agreement",
	 "linkElectronic": "Prohibited Implied",
	 "otherRestrictions": "Sample additional information",
	 "otherStatus1": "Example status",
	 "otherStatus2": "Example status",
	 "otherStatus3": "Example status",
	 "otherString1": "Text note",
	 "otherString2": "Text note",
	 "otherString3": "Text note",
	 "otherTerm1": "Permitted Explicit",
	 "otherTerm2": "Permitted Explicit",
	 "otherTerm3": "Permitted Explicit",
	 "otherYesNo1": "Yes",
	 "otherYesNo2": "Yes",
	 "otherYesNo3": "Yes",
	 "perpetualAccess": "Yes",
	 "publisherAcceptsSERU": "Yes",
	 "reservesElectronic": "Permitted Explicit",
	 "reservesPrint": "Prohibited Implied",
	 "reviewer": "John Stearns",
	 "reviewerNotes": "Sample reviewer comments",
	 "scholarlySharing": "Prohibited Implied",
	 "url1": "",
	 "url2": "",
	 "url3": "",
	 "url4": "",
	 "walkIns": "Yes"



  "licenseId": "60601dc8-2c2a-4973-aec8-68a55b69e767",
  "errors": [],
  "successful": true

For more information on the POST create a license resource, please refer to our interactive or service reference documentation.