The HoldingsIQ service retrieves vendor, package and title related information in JSON format. The service automates the managing of holdings data from different sources.






All requests to HoldingsIQ must contain the following API key header field:

x-api-key {Unique API key as a string}

You also need to specify the library's EBSCO Customer ID for every HoldingsIQ request. The EBSCO Customer ID is specified as a path parameter and must be specified as described below:

custid {EBSCO Customer ID as a string}

Please Note:  Your production API key will not give you access to our sandbox. Therefore, your production API key will not give you access to the API through our interactive documentation. You will need a sandbox API key to gain access to the API through our interactive documentation or to use the sandbox directly. If you require a sandbox API key, please contact EBSCO customer support.

Sandbox Environment{custid}/...

Production Environment{custid}/...

Please be sure to include the API Key and EBSCO Customer ID with every HoldingsIQ request. If you are a commercial library automation systems partner that is developing solutions for multiple libraries, each of these libraries will have their own EBSCO Customer ID and each will be assigned their own API key.