The HoldingsIQ service retrieves vendor, package and title related information in JSON format. The service automates the managing of holdings data from different sources.





Explore the Code Samples

The HoldingsIQ Code Samples section provides code samples to show how to use our APIs.  A code sample is available for each HoldingsIQ resource in five different languages.  We provide a sample in Java, JavaScript, Ruby, Python and cURL for each endpoint.  The Code Samples section above lists all of the HoldingsIQ endpoints in the left-hand menu.  You can choose an endpoint from the menu.  Then, click on the language tabs to view the code sample for each language.  Using the Code Samples as guidance, you can get started quickly with HoldingsIQ.  Browse our Code Samples section to see code for each endpoint.  Then, move on to the Clone a Code Sample section to create your first code sample consuming HoldingsIQ.