Getting Started with the Knowledge Services

Get started with our Knowledge Services here. Learn about our authentication, environment and response codes. Follow a step by step process in order to learn how to use our services.

Request Authentication Information

HoldingsIQ and ResourceIQ

In order to have access to HoldingsIQ or ResourceIQ, we require you to have both an API Key and an EBSCO customer ID. The API Key is used for identification. A request for more information on obtaining a production API key can be made from the EBSCO Developer Network portal. Please have your customer follow the instructions below in order to obtain additional information about the credentials that you need to access HoldingsIQ or ResourceIQ.

To Request API Key Information:

  1. Navigate to the Request API Key Information page.
  2. Enter the requested information into the Request API Key Information form fields. The information below is required to ensure that EBSCO can contact someone responsible for the application if necessary.

  3. Click the Request Information button after completing the form. The information is submitted to EBSCO. An email will be sent to you with information about obtaining an API key. Please note that your production API key will not give you access to our sandbox. Therefore, your production API key will not give you access to the API through our interactive documentation. You will need a sandbox API key to gain access to the API through our interactive documentation or to use the sandbox directly. If you require a sandbox API key, please contact EBSCO customer support.


LinkIQ and PublicationIQ Services

In order to have access to LinkIQ or PublicationIQ, we require a valid customer profile. Request additional information about authenticating to LinkIQ or PublicationIQ to further evaluate how a LinkIQ or PublicationIQ subscription can be utilized within your system.