Getting Started with the Knowledge Services

Get started with our Knowledge Services here. Learn about our authentication, environment and response codes. Follow a step by step process in order to learn how to use our services.

Use the Interactive Documentation

Our interactive documentation allows you to try our services. For each resource, the interactive documentation provides you with the following:

  • URL
  • Description
  • Parameter list
  • Ability to try each resource with different parameters
  • Ability to see the response to a specified request

Interact with our services and see the responses that you can expect back from the service.

To Use the Interactive Documentation:

  1. Click INTERACTIVE DOCUMENTATION from the EBSCO Developer Network top navigation bar.
  2. Click the service desired. In this case, HoldingsIQ was chosen.
  3. Click your desired resource category. The resources available for the category are displayed under the category name.

  4. Click your desired resource. The details for the resource unfold below the resource URL. A description, successful response format and parameters are listed.

  5. Enter the parameters that you would like to try in the Parameters Value column. You must enter a parameter for the Value fields that are marked required.

  6. Click the Try it out! button. The interface makes a request to HoldingsIQ with your desired parameters. The request URL, response code and response body for your parameters are displayed below the Try it out! button.

Try different parameter combinations with our interactive documentation. Make service consumption easy by knowing just what to expect back from our services.