The EBSCOhost Entitlement API makes research easy by providing access to full text content from EBSCOhost full text databases.





EBSCOhost Entitlement API

The EBSCO Search and Discovery APIs are a suite of integrated solutions available via subscription that are designed to allow you to customize your discovery solution.  The EBSCOhost Entitlement API enables libraries and partners to customize key functions of the EBSCO open link resolver to get their patrons easy access to EBSCOhost full text database content.  The API can resolve customer identity and DOI into a link.

Using the EBSCOhost Entitlement API, libraries and partners can take advantage of EBSCO’s extensive centralized knowledge base and deep experience in open linking to power external applications.  By providing an opportunity to access full text content from EBSCOhost full text databases, specifically PDFs, EBSCOhost Entitlement API makes research easy.  

This section provides a brief overview of the EBSCOhost Entitlement API core concepts.  If you have interacted with a RESTful API before, many of the concepts described here will be familiar to you.