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Available APIs and Requirements

Available APIs

Our collection of APIs is constantly growing.  EBSCO offers public APIs to support and enhance key library workflows.  The APIs are grouped into Search and Discovery APIs, EBSCO Knowledge Services and Medical Point of Care APIs.  We introduce and expand our APIs regularly.  The following table lists all the currently available public APIs.

API Category Description
HoldingsIQ EBSCO Knowledge Services The HoldingsIQ service allows EBSCO Knowledge Base data, holdings data and Holdings and Link Management (HLM) services to be integrated with other systems. The service retrieves vendor, package and title related information in JSON format. The information includes customer resources from EPKB.
LinkIQ EBSCO Knowledge Services The LinkIQ service enables libraries and partners to customize key functions of the EBSCO open Link Resolver to get their patrons easy access to the content the library makes available. Using LinkIQ, libraries and partners can take advantage of EBSCO’s extensive centralized Knowledge Base and deep experience in open linking to power external applications.
PublicationIQ EBSCO Knowledge Services The PublicationIQ service provides the ability to search for publications designated as a part of a customer's collection. The service retrieves package, title, publication and alpha browser menu related information in JSON format.
EBSCOhost Entitlement API Search and Discovery APIs The EBSCOhost Entitlement API makes research easy by providing access to full text content from EBSCOhost full text databases.
EDS API Search and Discovery APIs EBSCO Discovery Service API (EDS API) is our classic discovery service API.  EDS API gives you access to an institution’s entire collection through one entry point: a search box. With EDS API, you can integrate search directly into your library or corporate portal. You can also search and browse full-text databases and popular databases from leading information providers.
MEDSAPI DynaMed Medical Point of Care APIs DynaMed delivers the most current and accurate, evidence-based content for practicing clinicians. Our multidisciplinary team systematically and objectively surveys emergent scientific literature and clinical practice guidelines. Relevant information is captured, appraised, and synthesized rapidly into DynaMed’s clinical content, with 6 rounds of updates a day on the site.
MEDSAPI Dynamic Health Medical Point of Care APIs Dynamic Health is an innovative evidence-based resource that helps nurses and allied health professionals master critical skills. Users can find current, actionable information about core nursing competencies, transcultural care, patient training, occupational therapy, speech therapy, nutrition and dietetics, social work and so much more.
MEDSAPI DynaMed Decisions Medical Point of Care APIs DynaMed Decisions offers a robust collection of shared decision-making aids that enable patients and providers to have meaningful and informed conversations that lead to improved outcomes and higher patient satisfaction.
MEDSAPI Consumer Health Medical Point of Care APIs Consumer Health supports the information needs of patients and fosters an overall understanding of health-related topics.




In order to begin using our platform, there are requirements for each API. The table below provides some guidance to our requirements.

API Developer Account Subscription Authentication
HoldingsIQ No HoldingsIQ API Key
LinkIQ No LinkIQ Customer Profile/Password
PublicationIQ No PublicationIQ Customer Profile/Password
EBSCOhost Entitlement API Yes EBSCOhost Entitlement API OAuth2
EDS API No EDS API Username-Password
MEDSAPI DynaMed Yes MEDSAPI DynaMed OAuth2
MEDSAPI Dynamic Health Yes MEDSAPI Dynamic Health OAuth2
MEDSAPI DynaMed Decisions Yes MEDSAPI DynaMed Decisions OAuth2
MEDSAPI Consumer Health Yes MEDSAPI Consumer Health OAuth2