Dynamed Decisions


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MedsAPI DynaMed Decisions

DynaMed Decisions offers a robust collection of shared decision-making aids that enable patients and providers to have meaningful and informed conversations that lead to improved outcomes and higher patient satisfaction.

DynaMed Decisions content covers a variety of specialties and is designed to be easily digestible for patients. Developed by a team of clinical experts, using the most current evidence, DynaMed Decisions is focused on the questions patients most frequently ask when they need to make preference-sensitive decisions. DynaMed Decisions helps patients take an active and engaged role in their health care decision making by encouraging them to explore what matters most to them and select the option that best matches their values, needs and preferences.

The tools and topics found in DynaMed Decisions are carefully curated by clinical experts, evidence-based and continually updated. This gives clinicians peace of mind that the information they are using to engage in shared decision-making is based on current best practice. In addition, DynaMed Decisions tools allow providers to easily uncover patients’ values, concerns and unique preferences to ensure the treatment chosen is the best fit for each patient.

Research shows that shared decision-making and the use of patient decision aids result in more conservative decisions, improved patient adherence and reduced costs. Integrating DynaMed Decisions tools into health plan platforms enables bringing evidence-based care to members and driving patient engagement and satisfaction. 

To begin, register for an EBSCO developer account. Then, please register your client application. Registering your client application allows you to obtain OAuth 2.0 client credentials that allow your application to access all MedsAPI endpoints for which you have subscribed. After obtaining your client credentials, use your client credentials in your application to request a Dynamic Health access token. The Dynamic Health access token is used to access all Dynamic Health endpoints. These steps are further described in the following sections.

This guide provides a brief overview of the DynaMed Decisions API core concepts. If you have interacted with a RESTful API before, many of the concepts described here will be familiar to you.