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DynaMed’s mission is to improve health outcomes worldwide by providing the most useful information to healthcare professionals at the point of care.  DynaMed delivers the most current and accurate, evidence-based content for practicing clinicians.  Our multidisciplinary team systematically and objectively surveys emergent scientific literature and clinical practice guidelines.  Relevant information is captured, appraised, and synthesized rapidly into DynaMed’s clinical content.  There are six rounds of updates a day on the site.  DynaMed surfaces actionable recommendations, key takeaways, and synopses.  It also allows users to dig deep into the underpinning body of knowledge and study details.  DynaMed provides users with an easy to use search endpoint which can return articles, sections of articles and images.  Complete html content is also included in the results for easy display in your user interface.

DynaMed uses OAuth 2.0 for application credentials.  So, your application must use OAuth 2.0 to authorize requests.  Every request to DynaMed must contain an access token that is determined by the OAuth 2.0 process.  The access token is similar to an API Key in that it identifies your application to EBSCO.  For more background on OAuth 2.0, please refer to the Getting Started or the OAuth 2.0 specification.

This section provides a brief overview of the DynaMed core concepts.  If you have interacted with a RESTful API before, many of the concepts described here will be familiar to you.