Centralize data across your library’s workflow with EBSCO Knowledge Services, powered by the EBSCO Knowledge Base. This suite of services helps you manage resources more efficiently with real-time data sharing between the tools and interfaces of your choice.




The HoldingsIQ service allows EBSCO Knowledge Base data, holdings data and Holdings and Link Management (HLM) services to be integrated with other systems. The service retrieves vendor, package and title related information in JSON format. The information includes customer resources from EPKB. 


The PublicationIQ service provides the ability to search for publications designated as a part of a customer's collection.  The PublicationIQ service retrieves package, title, publication and alpha browser menu related information in JSON format.



The LinkIQ service enables libraries and partners to customize key functions of the EBSCO open Link Resolver to get their patron’s easy access to the content the library makes available.