Request API Key Information

Thank you for your interest in EBSCO Knowledge Services.  The first Knowledge Service, HoldingsIQ, is now available! This service allows EBSCO Knowledge Base data, holdings data and HLM services to be integrated with your other systems.  HoldingsIQ can be utilized with FOLIO and can also be integrated with other commercial library automation system partners to allow subscribing customers to access their holdings and EBSCO Knowledge Base data.

Access to HoldingsIQ requires a subscription. Please reach out to your sales rep or contact EBSCO Support to learn more about what a HoldingsIQ subscription can do for your institution.

To request information about obtaining a production API key, please fill out the following form and an EBSCO representative will contact you within 5 business days with the information.

Please note that your production API key to access HoldingsIQ will not give you access to our sandbox.  Therefore, your production API key will not give you access to the API through our interactive documentation.  You will need a sandbox API key to gain access to the API through our interactive documentation or to use the sandbox directly.  If you require a sandbox API key, please contact EBSCO customer support.