We support a sandbox environment and a production environment. The sandbox environment allows you to test your API client code. For PublicationIQ, you need your Publication Finder customer profile to access the sandbox environment. The sandbox can be used for testing the various API functions in a secure environment. All of your testing and development should be completed in the sandbox environment.


Access to PublicationIQ requires a Publication Finder customer profile. A profile password is optional. If a password is supplied, it must be a valid password assigned to the Publication Finder customer profile. If the password is omitted, the request will only be honored if the Publication Finder customer profile allows guest access in the environment where you are making the request. For example, if you would like to make a request to PublicationIQ in the sandbox environment without a password, guest access must be enabled for the Publication Finder customer profile in the sandbox environment. The same is true in the production environment. In order to gain access to the PublicationIQ sandbox environment, please contact EBSCO customer support.

PublicationIQ requests to the sandbox environment should be made to:

GET https://sandbox.ebsco.io/pf/pfaccount

PublicationIQ requests to the production environment should be made to:

GET https://api.ebsco.io/pf/pfaccount