Environment and Rate Limits


We support a sandbox environment and a production environment. The sandbox environment allows you to test your API client code. You need your EBSCO credentials to access the sandbox environment. For the HoldingsIQ service, you need your customer id and a sandbox API key to access the sandbox environment. The sandbox can be used for testing the various API functions in a secure environment. All of your testing and development should be completed in the sandbox environment.

HoldingsIQ requests to the sandbox environment should be made to:


HoldingsIQ requests to the production environment should be made to:


Rate Limits

A rate limit is the number of requests that a customer ID can make within a given time period. Rate limits ensure that EBSCO maintains a high quality of service. These limits help us provide the most reliable and scalable API for our partner developer communities.

Daily Rate Limits

  • Live Daily Rate Limit per Customer ID - 30000 requests per day
  • Sandbox Daily Rate Limit per Customer ID - 10000 requests per day

Rate Limit Error

When a customer ID has reached their rate limit, HoldingsIQ will return an API response with an HTTPS Code of 429, Too Many Requests, with the following JSON body:

       "message": "Limit Exceeded"