Making My First Request

Our interactive API Reference allows you to try the LinkIQ endpoints. It is available to help you to make your first request and test the various parameters. For each endpoint, the interactive documentation provides you with the following:

  • URL
  • Description
  • Parameter list
  • Ability to try each endpoint with different parameters
  • Ability to see the response to a specified request
  • Code Samples in several languages. The code samples provided reflect the parameters entered into the reference parameter fields.

Interact with our endpoints and see the responses that you can expect back from LinkIQ. For each endpoint in our API Reference, the description, recent requests, parameters and response variations are displayed under the URL. The code samples and actual response are displayed in the right hand column. Explore the LinkIQ endpoints by following the sequence of steps below.

Use the API Reference

  1. Navigate to the LinkIQ API Reference. Each LinkIQ endpoint can be found in the left hand menu. The details for the Get Full Text Finder Links endpoint are displayed in the middle column.
  2. Click on the EXAMPLES button in the RESPONSE section of the right hand column.
  3. Click on the 200 in the drop down to see a successful example response.
  4. Click on a language in the LANGUAGE section to see a code sample using the endpoint.
  5. Enter your institution's customer profiled in the form of customerid.groupid.profileid in the field provided.
  6. Click the Try It! button. The API reference makes a request to LinkIQ with your desired parameters. The response is displayed in the RESPONSE section to the right.

The /ftf/ftfaccount/{profile}/openurl response allows you to resolve full text links based on an open url.