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Get Article Views

The Dynamic Health GET /user/article-views endpoint returns a list of the most recently viewed article titles, ids and time stamps.  Before you can execute an article views call, you must have an personalized acces token for the authorization request header.  The user ID, product family and user profile will be obtained from the token.  You may also indicate a maximum items returned limit.




 "_metadata": {
   "totalItems": "2",
   "links" [
            "rel": "self",
            "href": ""
  "items": [
      "id": "t1601951700830",
      "title": "Heart Murmur, Adult",
      "lastViewTimestamp": "2020-10-19T19:04:03Z"
      "id": "t1594624278307",
      "title": "Cardiac Positron Emission Tomography (PET)",
       "lastViewTimestamp": "2020-10-19T19:03:59Z"

Error Response Codes

The Dynamic Health GET article views endpoint can return one of the error response codes .