Dynamic Health Partner


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Response Codes

HTTP Response Codes

All MedsAPI Dynamic Health EBSCO Partner endpoints could return any one of the following response codes.  JSON responses for a 200 will vary depending on the endpoint.

200 OK Standard Success Generic successful execution.
401 Unauthorized No authentication credentials were passed OR incorrect authentication was passed The request requires authentication and none was provided.
403 Forbidden The client is not authorized to access the resource, although it may have valid credentials. The authentication credentials do not have access to this resource.
404 Not Found List of types comes back empty (Could only occur if there was data problem) The server has not found anything matching the request URI. This either means that the URI is incorrect or the resource is not available.
405 Method Not Allowed Using a POST, PUT or DELETE request The server has not implemented the requested HTTP method.
406 Not Acceptable content-type header was something other than json The server cannot return the content-type requested
415 Unsupported Media Type content-type header was a format that is not recognized by the server The server cannot understand the requested content-type
422 Unprocessable Entity Error was thrown by the middle service The requested action cannot be performed and may require interaction with APIs or processes outside of the current request. This is distinct from a 500 response in that there are no systemic problems limiting the API from performing the request.
429 Too Many Requests Rate limit was exceeded The server must return this status code if the rate limit for the user, the application, or the token has exceeded a predefined value.
500 Internal Server Error Error was thrown by the edge service This is either a system or application error, and generally indicates that although the client appeared to provide a correct request, something unexpected has gone wrong on the server.