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Register a Client Application

Before you can begin using APIs for any product, you must register an App.  The App is used to uniquely identify the caller to an endpoint. After the App is registered, the App has an assigned Client ID and Client Secret.  The Client ID is a public and unique identifier that will be used to identify the client application as an application.  The Client Secret is a private identifier kept secret between the App and the API.  The Client Secret is used to authenticate the App when it makes a request for an access token.

To Register an App:

  1. Log in to EBSCO Developer.
  2. Click on My Apps in the top navigation.
  3. Click on the Add a new App button at the top of the page.

    A form will appear.
  4. Enter the following information.  This form is used for many EBSCO products.  Therefore, there are some fields that are required that are not used by MedsAPI.
    • App Name: Please try to make the name as descriptive as possible.  Always include the word “MedsAPI”, your organization as specified in your Developer Portal registration, consumer type, customer info if applicable, and intended use in the name. All of these pieces are necessary for EBSCO to be able to understand at a glance who created this App and for what purpose.  The descriptive App Name also makes it easier for you to understand by just looking at your App list the App purpose and the API it is using.  Please use the following conventions:
      • Customer consumer name format: MedsAPI  <customer name> (<cust_id>) <organization> <intended use>
        • ​Example: MedsAPI Hospital Name (sI23456) EBSCO Stacks Portal
      • Partner consumer name format: MedsAPI partner <organization> <intended use>
        • Example: MedsAPI partner EBSCO LSE EDS Placard
    • Callback URL: This field is not used by MedsAPI.  It may be left blank.
    • Type of App: This field is not use by MedsAPI.  It can be left as the default.
    • Customer ID/Group ID:
      • Enter a valid Customer ID and Group ID if this app is always to be used by a single customer. This will make the app a “customer” consumer type and NOT a partner.
      • Enter “partner” for the Customer ID and leave the Group ID empty to make the app a “partner” consumer type.  You will be able to specify a Customer/Group ID at the token request time. This is useful when you are building a single application serving multiple customers that is providing Customer/Group IDs at run-time.  
    • Does this App need to access user identities and/or details?  This field is not used by MedsAPI.  It can be left as the default.
    • Product: Select MedsAPI to request that your App can use any MedsAPI product for which you have access.  Do NOT select another product for this app.
  5. Click the Create App button.  You are returned to the My Apps page and your new App is listed.  Your new App will be Pending until your information has been reviewed and approved.  You will receive an email once your App has been Approved.
  6. Log in to EBSCO Developer once you receive your App Approval email.
  7. Navigate to the My Apps page.  The App status for your new App will show Approved.
  8. Click on the name of your application in the list.  The Credentials section is displayed.  Your application credentials, the Client ID and the Client Secret, are listed.
  9. Make note of the Client ID and Client Secret for the App.  Please use the Client ID and the Client Secret in the OAuth 2.0 process.