The release notes describe HoldingsIQ features and behavior changes released in 2024.  The release notes are intended to help developers identify recent changes in HoldingsIQ service behavior.

APRIL 22, 2024

  • Added the payload elements customDescription, customAltNames, url and customDisplayName to the Create Custom Packages resource.  customAltNames is the list of customer alternate names for the package.   customDisplayName is the customized display name for the custom package.  url is the url for the custom package.  customDescription is a description for the custom package. 

MARCH 27, 2024

  • Added to the Vendor Resources.  Added the Search Packages by Vendor resource. Search Packages by Vendor allows you to retrieve a list of packages from EPKB for a vendor including customer context. 

MARCH 12, 2024

  • Added the response elements customAltNames and customDisplayName to the Get Package Details resource.  Added the payload elements customAltNames and customDisplayName to the Update a Package resource.   customAltNames is the list of customer alternate names for the package.   customDisplayName is the customized display name for the package. 

FEBRUARY 26, 2024

  • Added the response elements managedDescription, customDescription and managedAltName to the Advanced Package Search, Search Packages by Vendor, and Get Package Details resources.  managedDescription is the managed description of the package.   customDescription is the custom description of the package.   managedAltNames is the list of managed alternate names for the package.