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Get Metadata for Articles that have been Published or Republished (Deprecated)

The DynaMed API GET  /v1/articles endpoint returns metadata for articles published within a specified date range. The updatedAt timestamp is not necessarily related to editors updating the article with new information. It may represent the last time the article was reprocessed for delivery.

This endpoint is deprecated. Instead use /v2/content/articles

To Get Article Metadata for Updated Articles (example):

Gather the following information for the request:

  • An access token. Please see Use the Client Credentials Grant for further information.
  • The dates to retrieve (optional).
  • The page number to retrieve (optional).



The request above is for articles that have been republished between September 14, 2022 and May 9, 2023.


  "_metadata": {
    "totalItems": 711,
    "totalPages": 8,
    "page": 1,
    "links": [
        "rel": "self",
        "href": ""
        "rel": "next",
        "href": ""
        "rel": "last",
        "href": ""
  "items": [
      "id": "t232776",
      "slug": "/drug-monograph/linezolid",
      "createdAt": "2021-12-17T22:50:42.511Z",
      "updatedAt": "2023-05-09T23:59:27.147Z",
      "title": "Linezolid",
      "description": "this topic provides overviews of mechanisms of action, spectrum of activity..."
      "pubType": {
        "id": "drug"


The updatedAt parameter indicates the last time the page was published.

Dates must conform to ISO 8601.  An example date is 2021-12-17T22:50:42.511Z or 2021-12-17.  If neither updatedSince or updatedBefore are provided, then all updates will be returned.  If no updatedBefore is supplied, then all dates from the updateSince until today's date will be returned.  If no updatedSince is provided, then all dates up to the updatedBefore will be returned.


Up to 100 items may be returned in a request.  If more than that are returned, the totalItems will indicate how many items there are to retrieve.  The page parameter in the response indicates the page that was returned.  To get the next page of items, add one to the page.  Each page has 100 items.

Error Response Codes

The DynaMed articles endpoint can return one of the error response codes.