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Continuing Education Counter

The Dynamed API GET  /user/ce-counter CME endpoint to deliver CME credit counts for my end users.  Before you can execute a continuing education counter call, you must have a personal user access token for the request header.  The user ID and product family will be obtained from the token.  You may also optionally indicate a months count return limit. The endpoint returns three types of credits: available, prepared and claimed.  Available credits are for content that has been reviewed.  Prepared credits are for content that has been reviewed and information needed by the accreditor has been created.  Claimed credits are those which have been submitted for consideration to the accreditor.




"links" [
        "rel": "self",
        "href": ""
  "available": 0,
  "prepared": 1.5,
  "claimed": 18.56

Error Response Codes

The Dynamic Health GET continuing education credits endpoint can return one of the error response codes .