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Retrieving Article Details by Slug and SectionId

The DynaMedex API GET /content/slugs{slug}/detail/sections/{sectionId} endpoint returns the section matching the slug and section ID provided.  The slug and section ID to retrieve are required parameters for the endpoint.

To Get a Basic Article (example):

Gather the following information for the request:

  • An access token. Please see Use the Client Credentials Grant for further information.
  • The slug of the article to retrieve
  • The section ID to retrieve.  This can be a section name, such as "adultDosageSection", or, if you just want the first section - "first_section".



The request above is for the section called adultDosageSection in the article /drug-monograph/acebutolol.  Many DynaMed and DynaMedex endpoints return slugs in the form /pubtypeId/articleTitle.  The slug can be used, including the lead slash,  with this endpoint.


  "id": "1477",
  "sectionId": "adultDosageSection",
  "content": "<div class=\"mapping-link\" data-href=\"adultDosageSection\" data-title=\"Adult Dosing\"></div>
<div class=\"DMX_div\" id=\"normalSection\"></div><div class=\"subsections_title_docLandingPage DMX_div\"><div class=\"subtitle_docLandingPage DMX_div\" id=\"#1.3.1\"><h4 class=\"DMX_h4\">Normal Dosage</h4>... </div></div></div>",
  "links": [
      "href": "",
      "rel": "self"

Error Response Codes

The DynaMed search for articles endpoint can return one of the error response codes.